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Fine Affordable Antique Furniture

From The Chris Chapman Collection

Welcome to my collection.....

By Chris Chapman (Proprietor)

The shop has now been open for nearly two years and there is much more stock than when I first started, Is that good?....Well I think so, especially if you are a customer.

What have I learnt?, well!, when it comes to antique furniture then it is quality that sells, but also, surprisingly, quality can frighten people, "This is too good for our house", I have heard people say," How can you say that", I reply, "you must deserve better", or" my house is to modern for this", I point out that my friend Darren, who is dedicated to pre 17th Century oak, lives in a new house, my other friend who collects fossils, does not live in a cave. Quality Antique furniture can look good anywhere, what is needed is imagination and a desire to be different, oh ! and a taste for something that does not lose all of its value on the journey home.

Hope to see you soon.

Chris Chapman

Owning history...

"Medway Antiques & Faversham Antiques is from the fine antique furniture collection owned by myself Chris Chapman offering a once in a generation opportunity to own a prime collectors quality item of furniture.

It is not by chance that I specialise in pre 1850's furniture as I regard this date to be the cusp between handmade and crafted and machine made and mass produced.

Pictured items herein have been taken using a high resolution camera in order to provide you the interested buyer the best quality detail of the items on sale here. Please note that purchases are on a collection only basis however I can deliver most items within 10 miles of Medway.

Please feel free to browse my collection and should you require any further information regarding an item on sale here I am more than happy to assist"

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Beautiful investments

"Usable history for your home"

From the era's that defined the golden ages of craftsmanship Faversham Antiques stocks a selection of some of the finest examples of antique furniture that not only enhance any home but are also a great investment.

From beautifully crafted chairs to stunning tables made out of the finest woods Faversham Antiques provides a service that lets you make the right choice.

Come and take a look around....

Every week there is always something new, please do come and take a look at some of the beautiful examples inside, if you are looking for something in particular I also off a free finders service.

Open fromThurs - Sun 10.30am to 4pm